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Mozabrick ME

Mozabrick Model M Color

Mozabrick Model M Color

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Long awaited bigger model of Mozabrick, now in COLOR!

Build your family portraits or any other pictures you want straight from the box, reassemble with new photos unlimited times!

  • Customized mosaic art - Mozabrick is an Endless pixel art possibility with your photos. It is a mosaic photo-constructor that you can reassemble based on new photos as many times as you wish.
  • Do you like pixel art Do you like unique paintings based on photos Are you searching for an idea for an exciting gift In these cases, Mozabrick Photo-constructor is what you need!
  • Made for display - Mozabrick Color sets offer you 6 colors of bricks and one additional color thanks to the black base plates to create unique paintings based on your photos! An elegant black frame for your picture is already included in the package!
  • How it works - You are offered a universal super-puzzle that will allow you to turn any photo into a fantastic colored pixel art painting. You only have to follow these 3 simple steps: Buy the constructor (two sizes of Color sets are available: 51 51 cm (20 20 in) or 51 76 cm (20 30 in); Upload your photo onto our website and get your mosaic assembly instructions; Assemble your puzzle and enjoy how awesome your favorite photo looks!
  • Get Creative - Mozabrick can be reassembled as many times as you wish! You got tired of your picture Disassemble it, select a new photo, upload it onto our website, assemble a new picture – and repeat as often as you’d like!
  • Excellent Gift - Gift yourself and your loved ones an infinite source of positivity with Mozabrick!
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